"An Important Piece of the Puzzle"

Disability Insurance is an important element in a professional athlete's financial plan. In essence, it insures your future earnings in case of a career-ending injury.

Whether you are a rookie on the verge of your first contract or a veteran in the final year of your contract, disability insurance will protect your earning power from a signing bonus to your salary.

Our Lloyd's of London policy offers the best coverage available at competitive prices.

The 24 hour policy offers complete coverage for the athlete.

The definition of our off-ice coverage is exact. There are no gray areas. The only time you are not covered is when you are on the ice playing or practicing during a sanctioned team activity.

We offer Permanent Total Disability (career-ending) insurance for professional athletes provided by Petersen International Underwriters (www.piu.org). Please call us at (519) 936-3081 or send us an e-mail at info@basilmcrae.com to request a quote.

We also offer a policy geared specifically towards our Junior Players (age 16-20), This policy has a benefit of $150k US for a premium of $500 US.

This coverage is 24h and covers both Accident and Sickness. For more information, please contact us directly.

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